WpTHK 3 Download

Nov 17, 2016

* Parent Theme

WpTHK 3.161.33 MB

* Child Theme ( Almost mandatory, By the specification )

WpTHK Child 3.01864 KB

  • WordPress 4.4 required later.
  • Recommend the use in conjunction with the child theme.

How to use

From the appearance of WordPress administration screen (Theme),
Please install parent and child theme in the new addition.

After you install both, please activate towards the child theme (WpTHK Child Theme).

WordPress Theme

To readme.txt contained in, it’s written detailed how to use.

In appearance ( customization ) screen, there is a lot of configuration items.
To your liking, please customize.

Old and New version

* Parent Theme
Version Date Download
ver3.16 2017/03/02
ver3.15 2017/02/20
ver3.14 2017/02/04
ver3.13 2017/01/27
ver3.12 2017/01/02
ver3.11 2016/12/19
ver3.10 2016/12/09
ver3.06 2016/11/23
ver3.05 2016/11/12
ver3.04 2016/11/05
ver3.03 2016/10/26
ver3.02 2016/10/18
ver3.01 2016/10/12
ver3.00 2016/10/09
Distribution stop because SEO is weak
* Child Theme
Version Date Download
ver3.01 2016/10/26
ver3.00 2016/10/09

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