Luxeritas is SEO optimized, multi feature, super fast, yet free WordPress theme

Dec 14, 2015

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Luxeritas WordPress theme is SEO optimized, responsive, highly customizable, yet free WordPress theme.

Even with massive amount of cool features, it has many smart tricks to make the rendering of the page super fast.

Luxeritas WordPress Theme download page is here.

About Luxeritas

The focus areas of development for Luxeritas are speed, SEO, responsive, and multi feature.


* Mobile Website Speed Testing Tool

Mobile Website Speed Testing Tool 100

* Google Pagespeed Insights

Pagespeed Insights 100

  1. Option to compress and merge HTML, CSS, and Javascript files
  2. Can even compress and merge CSS and Javascript files of the Child theme from the customize panel
  3. Can modify not to load CSS of Parent or Child theme based on how you desire
  4. Has minimized the request calls for CSS and Javascript
  5. Non blocking setup with optimized CSS and Javascript layout
  6. Asynchronous load of CSS and Javascript without effecting the design
  7. Browser cache and Gzip compression using .htaccess


Results of W3C Check

  1. Fully html5 ready
  2. Optimized layout of header, footer, main, nav, section, article, and aside components
  3. Error-free and Warning-free from W3C HTML check
  4. Error-free from Google Webmaster Tool
  5. Error-free from Google PageSpeed Insight UX check
  6. Beautiful outline with proper H1-H6 tag layouts
  7. Choosable title tags
  8. Modifiable description insert
  9. Canonical ready in the header without external plugin
  10. No indexing by search engines for non-important pages

  1. At a location that can be universally markup, mark up structured data on
  2. corresponding to the latest specification



  1. Using the stable Bootstrap technology for responsive design
  2. Parent theme CSS highly adapted for WordPress and Bootstrap
  3. Responsive design without using user agent
  4. iframe responsive ready for Youtube or Google Map contents

Multi Feature

Image of Customizer

  1. More than 300 features to customize directly in the WordPress admin panel
  2. Customization elements will be written in the external CSS file for faster load and not inline

SNS connecetions

Cooperation with SNS

  1. OGP ready for Facebook and Twitter Cards
  2. Can choose the og:image file from the WordPress editing screen
    (Will automatically use featured image or other used images if not selected)
  3. Variable button designs to choose from


* Result of Theme-Check.

Result of Theme-Check

* Result of The Web Template Verification Service

Validation results for WordPress theme Luxeritas

Click on the icon to check the results from
It should be “score : 100 %. 0 critical alerts. 0 warnings."



  1. Barrier free web design and HTML with role attribute ready
  2. Various Luxeritas original widgets
  3. Automatic sitemap page generator

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